This is a crazy world we live in and it just seems to get crazier every day! I have tried to keep a solid perspective and not let the outside world overwhelm me with the foolishness that is so pervasive these days. I am trying to stay focused on family and my little business. Family is doing fine, healthy and mostly happy we are doing our best to avoid covid-19. My little business has been a struggle but I am working on it. trying very hard to get things back to what they once were.

Building an ecommerce business is much more than I thought. I left Etsy because of Covid-19 and now trying to go it alone as a stand alone website is much work. I never realized the amount of work involved. I having been learning as I go and have been very fortunate to have found help in so many outstanding places. Google Merchants Services, a great place to learn how to promote my products on Google (it works for other places too!) Once I opened my Google Merchants Account, the support team was very easy to contact and helped me understand what I needed to do to get my products to show on Google Search. BigCommerce these guys are super supportive and between the Knowledge Base and the phone support team they have managed to take me from not knowing anything to a fairly confident webmaster. No matter how bad I mess up they are there 24/7 to bail me out. Ubersuggest what can I say/ Neil Patel knows more about SEO than anyone I know about and he doesn’t hesitate to share his knowledge with anyone who is interested. From YouTube videos to one on one consultation calls Neil Patel is there to answer my questions. I have learned so much from him but still have much to learn. Take backlinks for instance, I started this journey not knowing anything about how or why to link to other websites and having them link back to mine. Neil has got this down to a science and with the help of Linkorado a fantastic link exchange service that makes finding compatable and appropriate sites to exchange links with easy. again there is so much to learn but with help like this I feel I can succeed. I am here for the long haul and hope my past customers will continue their support in both returning to shop and to refer their friends and family. I also want to attract new customers so hopefully Google will continue to show my products and Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest will offer my products for others to view. Stop by to see me at we have a large selection of birthday outfits and baby items. See you soon.