This past weekend we celebrated my daughter’s 1st birthday! We love unicorns, and so we decided to do a unicorn themed party.

Unicorn Birthday Tutu Outfit


This is a tutu made of tulle, which is a multi-layered skirt with elastic at the waist. Some people may like to do this as a DIY project and while it is possible to make the ribbon trim tutu with the right materials in order to make the embroidered top you will need to have an embroidery machine, if that is not the case you can purchased this gorgeous little unicorn 1st birthday outfit at Little Keiki Bou-Tiki

If you want to make this tutu, you’ll need:

  • 6 rolls of 12 inch tulle (you might be able to find these in your local craft store)
  • Ribbon satin in pastel rainbow colors because unicorns are colorful about 40 to 50 yards
  • Scissors or an old pair of sharp kitchen scissors
  • waistband elastic
  • youtube video on making a ribbon trim tutu

Unicorns are Real!

You may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t care about narwhals.” But if you’ve ever seen a picture of one, you know that they look exactly like unicorns. Narwhals are actually a type of whale that lives in the Arctic and has a horn growing out of its head. They’re endangered because people have been hunting them for their horns, which are sold on eBay for $10 million each!

This might seem like bad news for the narwhal population, but we think it’s good news overall because now we can all feel like unicorns when we see pictures of real live narwhals!

Unicorn Birthday Cakes

Unicorn birthday cakes are delicious, beautiful, fun and loved by kids and adults.

They’re magical too! A unicorn cake is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday with your whole family. You can even make these magical treats at home for an unforgettable party or celebration.

Throw a unicorn birthday party for the best birthday ever!

There are so many ways you can make your child’s unicorn birthday party as magical and whimsical as a real unicorn party. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Invitations. If you want to go all out with your invitations, then look no further than Etsy! You’ll find lots of cute paper choices in different styles that are perfect for unicorn parties. Be sure to use the right fonts so that they match the theme perfectly!
  • Decorations. You will want to decorate your entire house with decorations related to unicorns and rainbows. Colorful streamers and balloons hanging from the ceiling will create an atmosphere of joy and excitement as soon as guests walk in the door!
  • Party favors/activities/games/cake/food/drinks: What better way is there than receiving party favors from a magical creature like a unicorn? They can be anything from stickers, pencils or even sunglasses made out of plastic material that has been colored using bright colors such as pink or purple (if possible). Also consider giving each child their own customized cookie cutter made specifically for this special occasion since it is such an important part of having fun at home when making treats during parties!


Remember if you want to try any of these tips, let us know in the comments below